Sakura Tissue-Tek SCA 4764 Film Coverslipper


Sakura Tissue-Tek SCA 4764 Film Coverslipper

The SCA film coverslipper has a thoroughput of up to 20 slides per minute using a cellulose triacetate film coated with a xylene-activated resin on the lower surface. The flexible film, with optical clarity equal to glass, is automatically applied to the slide, eliminating the use of sticky mounting media and extended direct xylene contract.

The Tissue Tek SCA Coverslipper delivers up to 2 coverslipped slides per minute, up to 1200 slides per hour, Load 20 slides at a time into a basket and the instrument does the rest. It’s the simply productive instrument for unsurpassed efficiency slide after slide, shift after shift and the perfect companion for the tissue Tek DRS 2000 slide stainer. Our units a fully refurbished and includes a full parts and labor warranty. Call us today for pricing and availablity.


  • Slide Covers per Roll of Film 1500 (Approx.)
  • Space Required: Width 71.9cm (28.2in)
  • Depth 27.4cm (10.8in)
  • Height 56.1cm (22.1in)
  • Solvent Xylene (Reagent Grade)

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SCA 4764


6 Months Parts and Labor

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