Expert Microscope Repair

At Swerdlick Medical Systems, we understand the importance of microscopes in your lab. Our team of factory trained technicians can repair, provide preventative maintenance, or service on-site or at our facility.

Need Microscope Repair?

We provide microscope service and repairs wherever you are. We service hospitals, research labs, and universities across the United States. Our technicians are factory trained and certified. We service all major microscope brands from Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, Leica, and more.

We Sell:

Microscopes – Replacement Bulbs – Filters – Objectives – Eyepieces – Lamp Sockets Polarizer/analyzer Sets and Many More Accessories.

If you have a Microscope that needs repair feel free to contact us to request a quote.

Why Choose Us?

  • Factory Trained Staff
  • Free Repair Assessments
  • Large Stock Of Spare Parts
  • Fast Turnaround