Leica SM2000 R Sliding Microtome

Leica SM2000 R Sliding Microtome

The Leica SM2000 R sliding microtome offers low maintenance cross-roller-bearing slideways designed to section paraffin-embedded samples in routine histopathology laboratories.

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Leica® SM2000 R Sliding Microtome

The Leica SM2000 R sliding microtome offers low maintenance cross-roller-bearing slideways designed to section paraffin-embedded samples in routine histopathology laboratories. The Leica SM2000 R microtome can also be used for some specific industrial sectioning applications. The instrument is available fully equipped to meet most of today’s sliding microtome sectioning requirements or can be customized to meet more special applications.

The Leica SM2000 R Microtome has a modern ergonomic design and features an adjustable automatic high-precision feed mechanism. Optional accessories are available to suit a variety of sectioning requirements.

The height adjustable feet equalize uneven work surfaces and can slightly incline the microtome to suit the resting position of the sledge to the user’s requirements.

The easy-to-use knife holder is designed to accommodate both standard knives and disposable blades. A magnet on the back ensures safe and easy knife installation, and an integrated knife guard is provided for enhanced safety. The knife or disposable blade holder can be fixed in the holder with minimal time and effort. The line clamping principle ensures the greatest stability and optimum sectioning results. The clearance angle can be adjusted while the knife remains clamped. The microtome, with quick release specimen clamping system, can be equipped with Supermega universal cassette clamp or standard clamp for paraffin blocks. Precise fine orientation allows samples to be accurately aligned with the knife. For critical samples, which usually require reduced cutting force, the knife can be positioned at an angle. Four different knife holder positions provide the flexibility to section a variety of specimen sizes and types by altering the inclination angle of the knife.

The Leica SM2000 R sliding microtome has both automatic (up to 30 µm) and manual specimen feed via the coarse feed wheel to accommodate different individual needs. The Leica SM2000 R has automatic specimen advance that can be adjusted to the size of the sample. This feature is the basis for efficient and rapid sectioning. Operator safety is enhanced by fixing the sledge in the sectioning area before section removal using magnetic force or by positively locking the sledge in any position during section removal. A flexible cover protects the cross roller bearings from section debris.

For chilling fixed specimens (e.g., brain) during sectioning, the insulated ice tray can be filled with dry ice.

An easy-to-clean section waste tray is available as an optional accessory.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum specimen size with cassette clamp is 35 x 22 mm
  • Maximum specimen size with universal cassette clamp is 80 x 60 mm
  • Overall feed is 40 mm
  • Clearance angle adjustment is -4° to 14°
  • Section thickness setting: 0.5 – 60 µm:
    • from 0.5 – 2 µm in 0.5 µm increments
    • from 2 – 10 µm in 1 µm increments
    • from 10 – 20 µm in 2 µm increments
    • from 20 – 60 µm in 5 µm increments
  • Automatic specimen feed is up to 30 µm

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