Sakura VIP 6 Tissue Processor

Sakura VIP 6 Tissue Processor

This Sakura VIP 6 Tissue Processor is refurbished and warrantied. Contact us today for a quote.



Sakura VIP 6 Tissue Processor

The Sakura Tissue-Tek® VIP® 6 Tissue Processor is designed for streamlined operation and utilizes enhanced reagent features for greater productivity including automatic transfer during processing, illuminated cabinet that enables observation of reagent levels, and 7 mixing options.

Additionally, the Tissue-Tek® VIP® 6 takes processing to the next level by incorporating continuous mixing, short cycles, and a heated retort lid.

With the Tissue-Tek® VIP® 6, you can introduce a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly system into your lab. Solution manager software safeguards all steps taken during processing to protect tissues and specimens. The Tissue-Tek® VIP® 6 is the choice you can count on for ultimate efficiency and reliability that you expect.

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