Avantik QS12 Cryostat

Avantik QS12 Cryostat

The Avantik QS12 is the most advanced accurate and intuitive Cryostat available today.

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Avantik QS12 Cryostat

Create Perfect Sections With Efficiency and Precision.

Bring increased efficiency and reliability to your laboratory with the Avantik QS12 Cryostat. Histotech’s rave about how well it sections samples.

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The QS12 is Avantik’s 2nd Cryostat offering for the frozen section market after the resounding success of it’s predecessor the QS11 Cryostat. They raised the bar again with the revolutionary QS12 Cryostat. The Avantik QS12 is the most advanced accurate and intuitive Cryostat available today. The QS12 features an easy touch control panel, dovetail blade holder system, smooth hand wheel rotation, and the industry’s most advanced and reliable accurate stepper motor technology. With this breakthrough technology the QS12 provides unmatched features and benefits to enhance the accuracy efficiency and safety of your lab, most of all the QS12 offers the greatest precision to assure your confidence and help you achieve perfect section every time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminate Chatter, Venetian Blind & Thick/Thin Sections
  • Up to 75% Less Compressor Noise
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Precision & Accuracy
  • Perfect Sections
  • Dovetail clamping knife-holder
  • EZ-Touch Touchscreen Control Panel
  • 27 Freezing station
  • Peltier cooling device
  • Memory feature
  • Controlled trim function
  • Ultra quiet & efficient refrigeration system
  • Ultra Smooth Handwheel Rotation

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