Shandon Citadel 2000 Tissue Processor


The Shandon Citadel 2000 Tissue Processor is a carousel-type tissue processor with touch key operation, two-liter reagent containers, and a capacity of up to 110 cassettes (organized). Reagent stations are easily removed from the unit for replenishing. Delayed start feature may be programmed up to 9 days in advance. Hand-held touch-key controller programs and controls all functions, is simple to use, and stores up to 4 complete programs in memory. Program the immersion time and agitation during each step. The loading station protects tissue baskets from air as the baskets are raised. The user is protected from open containers. Unit fits in most standard fume cabinets, including Hyperclean 2 Work Station. Optional vacuum unit provides more efficient and rapid wax impregnation of specimens. Processor supplied with ten durable solvent resistant melamine reagent containers, two wax baths and tissue baskets including a lid and a basket hanger. Random and organized baskets are available. Tissue baskets load and unload easily with hanger clips in the unit’s hood. Dimensions are 27.2″ diameter x 25″h. Weight is 115 lbs. Power requirement is 500VA.

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