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Milestone Histos 3/5 Tissue Processor

Milestone Histos 3/5 Tissue Processor

This Milestone Histos 3/5 Tissue Processor is refurbished and warrantied. Contact us today for a quote.



The Milestone Histos 3 and Histos 5 are ideal for histology labs that process small to medium size biopsies. The Histos 3 is a microwave histoprocessor. The milestone Histos 5 combines microwave irradiation with computer control of time, power and temperature. The thickness of sampled tissues is controlled to no more then 3 mm thickness.

The Milestone Histos 3 and 5 can process up to 110 cassettes. Staining processing of microwaved tissue specimens are excellent for routine staining, HC, IHC and FISH. It was made to be user friendly and has extremely high processing flexibility and simplicity.

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