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Microm HM450 Sliding Microtome
Microm HM450 Sliding Microtome
Microm HM450 Sliding Microtome

Microm HM450 Sliding Microtome

Microm HM450 Sliding Microtome is refurbished and warrantied. Contact us today for a quote.


HM 450 Sliding Microtome

The Thermo Scientific HM450 consists of distortion-free basic construction with zero-backlash and maintenance-free cross roller bearings. The enclosed housing protects the interior feed mechanism and stepping motor.

Section thickness feed is from 0 to 10 µm in 1 µm increments, up to 20 µm in 2 µm increments, up to 60 µm in 5 µm increments, and up to 100 µm in 10 µm increments. Section thickness range is from 1 to 100 um. It provides automatic and manual feed from 0 to 100 µm. The automatic feed is independent of specimen size via reversing the sledge (can be turned off). It provides specimen retraction during knife return travel (can be turned off).


  • Total specimen stroke: 40 mm Max.
  • Sledge travel: 190 mm.
  • Specimen orientation via coaxial one-hand adjustment.
  • Compensation for heat extension via stepping motor: 2 µm.
  • Quick change system of the specimen clamping.
  • Co-axial knife angle adjustment without having to open the knife clamping.
  • Integrated knife guard.

Multiple Setting Options:

  • Automatic or manual sectioning
  • Retraction (may be turned off)
  • Three different speed settings for motorized coarse feed

HM 450 Sliding Microtome User Manual

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