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Leica CM1800 Cryostat

Leica® CM1800 Cryostat

The Leica CM1800 provides functionality of cryostats costing twice as much. It is ultra reliable and egronomic. Designed to meet the demands of histology, pathology and dermatology laboratories


Leica® CM1800 Cryostat

This Refurbished Leica® CM1800 Cryostat is a proven classic. The CM1800 is an economical choice providing reliability and functionality of cryostats costing twice as much. It features an ergonomic design. This used CM 1800 is refurbished to specification. It is a compact cryostat, designed to meet the demands of histology, pathology and dermatology laboratories – even in labs where available space is minimum. Equipped with its advanced microprocessor technology, this Leica cryostat ensures smooth operation. The system also features an easily readable display to view a motorized coarse feed, and enable rapid trimming and sectioning.

The CM1800 Cryostat’s up-to-date microprocessor technology ensures easy operation. All function keys are protected against dirt and humidity by a plastic foil. A locking key prevents inadvertent changes of the programmed set temperature and defrost time.

Easily readable display. Automatic display of error conditions. All programmed parameters are protected in event of a mains power failure by a battery-backed memory

The ergonomically positioned handwheel of the Leica CM1800 is conveniently accessible. A safety lock is also installed to prevent inadvertent movements of the specimen head to safeguard user against injuries when changing the specimen or knife.

The CM1800 cryostat features an easy-to-use specimen orientation to produce top quality sections, even of critical samples such as skin in a minimum amount of time. Knife holders are also available for standard knives and for disposable blades, which are used where sectioning involves a high risk of infection. At the same time, the CM1800 cryochamber is spacious, giving the operator plenty of room to work and enough storage space.

Find out how the Leica® CM1800 can bring efficiency and reliability to your lab.

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Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 48 in



Refurbished, Used






6 Months Parts and Labor

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