Leica Autostainer XL Slide Stainer


Leica Autostainer XL Slide Stainer

This refurbished Leica® Autostainer XL Slide Stainer is a high throughput automatic stainer that is menu-driven, microprocessor controlled, and fully programmable. This self-contained bench-top stainer is very user friendly with its fully integrated control panel allowing memory for 15 programs with up to 25 steps in each program.

At full capacity, the Autostainer XL can stain over 150 slides per hour with typical H&E protocols, handling 11 carrier racks containing up to 30-slides per rack. It provides for continuous load and unloading of slide racks through entry and exit drawers.

The Leica® Autostainer XL Slide Stainer features 18 reagent stations which can each hold up to 450 ml of reagent, a robotic arm delivery of slide racks to reagents, 5 continuous flow wash stations with flow control, adjustable agitation of slide racks, a water bath and a forced-air oven with adjustable temperature from 30 C to 65 C or off.

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Autostainer XL


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