Leica ASP300 S Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor


Leica ASP300 S Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor

The Leica ASP300 S Tissue Processor is designed for routine and research histopathology of up to 300 cassettes

Proven technology combined with top quality components and Leica RemoteCare diagnostic (optional) provide superior instrument reliability.

Straightforward routine user operations by an intuitive user interface, color touch screen and a variety of “smart” features, such as Reagent Management System and quick start for commonly used programs, improve specimen quality and laboratory economy.

The Leica ASP300 features proven and enhanced technology with an innovative user interface and smart operating software. Many routine user operations are simplified and the innovative software includes a variety of Smart features to improve sample quality and laboratory economy. The Leica ASP300 is designed to be one of the most reliable instruments available for tissue processing.

The processor module contains three paraffin wax baths, a processing retort, and also a touch screen with integrated key symbols as well as the electronic components. The cassettes are held in three baskets (21), each of which has a capacity of up to 100 cassettes. All processing occurs in the stainless steel retort under the pressure, vacuum and temperature conditions selected. The quick-connect reagent bottles are stored in the reagent cabinet.

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